Soft ringlets lay down and flirty around the face while the rest of the textured hair is swept up into a beautiful twist. Keeping the bangs up and off the face make for a nice elegant touch. Playful pieces poke out here and there making this a fun and sassy style for multiple occasions.
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How to Style:
1. Start with clean dry hair.
2. Take small sections of hair and curl with a 1” sized barrel curling iron to create the curly and wavy texture.
3. Section out a triangle sized section of hair right on top of your forehead.
4. Tease the crown slightly to create a little volume.
5. Leave out a few ringlets around your face and pull back the rest of the hair, twist, and pin.
6. Tease the top triangular section at the roots and then smooth gently.
7. Secure the teased triangular section back and into the updo.
Recommended Products:
Use a heat protectant like Redken’s Smooth Down Heat Glide. Just use a small dime sized amount, rub it into your hands and then apply to hair. When you finish styling spray for some hold with Matrix Biolage Complete Control Hair Spray. It has a medium hold to lock in the style.
Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
This look is ravishing on heart shaped faces. All hair types can achieve this style. If your hair is naturally curly you can simple diffuse and twist it up. It’s a great easy hairstyle that everyone can love.
Make sure the ringlets around the face aren’t too tight or else you’ll look dated. If they’re too tight then soften them up by running your fingers through them.