Generating fashion clothing for women that mainly revolves around trapezoid shapes is the signature of Akris fashion house. That was clearly shown throughout the fall/winter runway that was held on PARIS, March 4, 2012. It seemed that Albert Kriemler, the creative designer, was influenced by designing womenswear affected by the painterly prints of Franz Kline. At the same time, the fashion trends offered were inspired by dynamism and freedom of movement along with the simplicity of details. In other words; the talented designer was keen on presenting luxurious and wearable women clothes with a sense of sportswear. For that, the clients seemed amazed with achieving such a difficult balance of getting elegant and refreshed designs with simple and everyday looks. More important still, the collections achieved an impressive success for designing distinguishable women’s fashion in terms of colors, fabrics, styles and even prints used. The talented designer employed an eye-catching palette of colors in black, mustard, plum, forest green, tan, purple and tangerine shades. Albert Kriemler used fabrics like leather, felt, wool, jersey, silk and neoprene. Moreover, the prints were mainly about geometrical patterns, vertical stripes or graphical color blockings. The presented styles were jackets, dresses and trousers. The jackets were cropped or side zipped jackets, sleeveless vests or even double faced and a-line coats. The dresses were belted in the front and loose from shoulders, pleated, a-line shaped, full sleeved, sleeveless, backless, floor length yet short in the front side. Regarding trousers, they were fitted and tapering pants, low waist and pleated trousers with slouchy outfit and floor length. Finally, the employed accessories were all about ankle boots, knee boots or bags