If I asked you to mention some words to describe her attitude or character, we’d definitely disagree with each other. Why? Readers, I know that some of us may say that she’s wild, bold, gloomy and even sad, while others may absolutely say the opposite words; happy, smiley, quiet, etc. But there’re a couple of things related to her that we all, or at least most of us, are going to agree on. The first thing is that she’s a woman with a high sex appeal, and the second one is that she has the hair that all women have a total crush on. Did I forget to tell you that we’re talking about the gorgeous actress Kristen Stewart? Sorry, ladies, for doing so. Anyways, let’s forget about all of that nonsense discussion and focus only on her hair. I mean let’s see which lengths and maybe colors her hair has passed on and how it has been styled.
Concerning her hair lengths, you need to know that Kristen’s hair has been seen short, medium and long. On the other hand, concerning the colors, it has been blonde, brown and black. That’s based on what I remember, so if there’s any other color you know, tell me! Now, the only thing that remains for us to say is how the actress has worn her hair locks. So, open your eyes, my dear readers and concentrate with me! By the way, you have to know that we’re going to start with the medium & long hairstyles that the down dos are definitely among! Stewart’s fans and followers, yet all of us, are aware that the flowing locks, or down dos, like many love to call them, are from the most heavily worn hairstyles by the stunning actress. She’s worn their different styles starting from the slick straight, loose curly and soft wavy to the deliberately messy ones. You’re welcomed to add the slicked back ones to the last mentioned styles. Also, you know that some of these down dos have a very elegant and tidy look, while the others represent the exact meaning of messiness!! But we can’t deny that both of them are eye catching.
Besides, our beloved actress has opted for wearing ponytails which haven’t differed in the look from the first ones! I mean that, like the down dos, some of these ponys have had so messy, yet stylish looks, while others have looked tidy and glam. Also, the ‘The Runaways’ starlet has been seen wearing braids once or twice. And let me tell you that she’s looked gorgeous and so sexy while wearing them. It may seem to you that it’s weird that she’s just braided her hair twice only, right? Okay, you’re right that they’re few, but you need to know that she’s made use of braids to accent other hairdos of hers. When I, you or all of us talk about Kristen Stewart’s hairstyles, we can’t forget to mention the updos. You can say that they’re her specialty or something! Over the years, she’s stunned us with her superhot, glamorous and eye catching updos. Let me tell you that she’s sported different styles of them starting from the buns and French twists to the loose, bobby pinned and braided ones.
In addition to all of the last mentioned, the ‘Twilight’ starlet hasn’t forgotten to try both of the layered and shag haircuts which have given her so fashionable and youthful looks. Let me tell you that she’s worn the different lengths of them; short, medium and long. I guess that, from the last sentence, you have known what sort of short haircuts our beloved star has opted for, right? Of course! There’s another thing that you need to know which is that she’s styled her short hair in different ways that haven’t gone so far from her favorite ones! Now, I can tell you that I’ve told you everything I know about Krist’s hair. Yeah, our precious fans, the time of farewell comes! Just before saying goodbyes allow me to remind you that you can definitely opt for any of the last mentioned hairdos as long as you’re going to wear it in a way that suits your face shape, hair nature and style, as well. Whether you opt for doing so or not, we have nothing to tell you more than wish you a gorgeous, spectacular and eye catching look everywhere and anytime.