Since we know everyone loves HGTV dream homes, and they really deserve to be loved, we’re presenting you HGTV dream home 2012 to see how this amazing plan successfully turned out to be at the end. HGTV dream home 2012 is located in Utah, in the western United States. The house is totally surrounded by greenery, and you can see the Provo river and a beautiful scene of mountains; what more would you wish for! The design is really smart and modern. Simple touches are added in each room but make a huge impact on the style of the overall place. The best thing about the presented photos is that they show every little detail; they show you the real gift of the artist who has been in charge of this home and how he successfully added the perfect pieces of accessory along with the right furniture everywhere. Glass doors and windows, of course, are used to let the resident enjoy the splendid view of nature and to let natural sunlight enter the house from everywhere. Color accents, flowers, romantic candles, marvelous portraits, a stunning modern fireplace, and great furniture are the reason behind this amazing home, and more. Greenery has been carefully taken care of; you’ll see great trees, bushes, and more to give the best outdoor view. Everything about this home is really amazing, check its pictures and get inspired and amazed.