This is the time for grooming up & putting on your wedding tuxedo, but while you’re leaving your casual lifestyle or your business formal style, you have to know that you don’t have to be a boring stick in the mud so you’d look like groom material, because you can wear your hair the way you want it while keeping its length; short or long & keeping your haircut. The trick is in styling your hair in the way that suits the wedding theme “retro or urban” while framing & defining your features while staying away from the messy hair looks whether you have layered hair, curly/wavy hair or straight hair so your hair would look professionally styled so you’d look your best while keeping your edgy cool sense of fashion. Show your love to your bride while having the hairstyle you’d love that makes you feel confident, it’s a way to be the rock star of your own wedding & let her know that you’re the only man around that could please her & let her & them see you as the only man around, it’s as simple as picking the right hairstyle that makes you more hot while wearing your tuxedo.