Sweaters are from the main clothing pieces that are essential for any man in winter. They become like the basic tops that can be worn every day. And for that stylish, warming, and versatile sweater; Gap presents for men a varied collection for 2013, so that each man can get different colors and styles to keep warm and trendy at the same time. Gap presents for men different styles of sweaters like half zip sweaters, cardigan sweaters, and shawl sweaters, as well as sweaters in different necklines like V-necks, turtle necks, crewnecks, and more. Each type of sweater comes in different colors that are so trendy including black, grey, red, navy, burgundy, beige, grey, and more. You will also find striped sweaters that come in two matching tones, and there are also the color block sweaters that look extremely trendy. These sweaters can be layered where you can wear a plaid shirt under them, for example, for a dressier look. Wear these pants with jeans or classic pants and you’ll rock.