Normal Skin

  • Normal skin should be washed twice daily. Wash once in the morning with cool water and a mild cleanser, to remove any dirt or oil that has built up while sleeping. Dry the face, and go about your daily moisturizing and makeup application. In the evening, wash with a mild cleanser, and follow up with a facial scrub if you wear heavy makeup. If wearing long-lasting eye makeup, be sure to use an eye makeup remover designed specifically to remove thick mascara and eyeliner.

Oily Skin

  • Oily skin requires a bit more treatment, as oil and dirt build up in the pores more quickly, leaving skin with a greasy look. Wash the face at least twice daily, with a face wash designed specially for oily skin. If wearing makeup or moisturizer, use oil-free products that will prevent excess oil from building up. Wash the face in the morning, afternoon when possible and again before bed. With your nighttime regimen, use a face wash and follow up with a toner that is designed to remove excess oil and buildup. Toner can also be used throughout the day to absorb excess oil, if dabbing with a tissue does not pick up the excess.

Dry Skin

  • Dry skin also requires special care, as washing too often can over-dry, causing cracking and peeling of the skin. Wash the face in the morning with cold water only, do not use a cleanser. Choose a moisturizer made for dry skin, and apply as directed. Wash the face again at night, this time using a mild cleanser, and makeup remover if applicable. Exfoliate with a face scrub to remove dead skin cells, then follow up with moisturizer again to replenish the skin.

Skin With Acne

  • It is important to handle acne with care. First, determine your skin type from the categories mentioned above, and follow that cleansing routine. Be sure to use a soft washcloth when washing the face, as scrubbing hard will further irritate acne and cause inflammation. While some facial cleansers are designed specially for skin with acne, if your problems persist, purchase an acne cream designed to be dabbed on the acne itself, and left on overnight.