Every lady would like to start the New Year with a new look which makes her look more youthful and younger. So today we are going to present to you a nutrition mask that fit all skin types

The honey and Vitamins mask for skin beauty :
  • The Ingredients:

One egg yolk
-1 teaspoon honey bees
- ½ teaspoon cod liver oil
- 1 teaspoon soybean oil
- Capsule of Vitamin «e» [100 units]
The Method of preparation and application:
Mix the egg yolk with the other three components and then puncture the vitamin capsule. Add and mix all the contents of the mixture and stir the Ingredients together.
Apply the mask over your face for 15 – 30 minutes and relax. Rinse the face with cold water and pat dry your face well. It is always advisable to apply that mask once a week for a month in order to remove any trace of fatigue or exhaustion.
As for the makeup that would fits you on special occasions such as the New Year , I advise you to put on the Lebanese makeup, as it would give you a beautiful brightness, although that kind of makeup contains several colors, it appears to be more tender than the ordinary makeup .

The directions

Apply the concealer on the area around the eye in order to conceal the dark circles

Avoid using the white color concealer and use the white concealer that tends to the orange degree and use the green color to conceal the pimples.

The foundation:

                                             First apply the moisturizing cream
Then apply the foundation on your face with a moist sponge… Avoid pulling taut your face as it would cause the facial wrinkles look more apparent and also cause dermatitis of the skin especially near the area around the eye. So while putting on the foundation you should start to apply it from the forehead to the cheek till you reach the chin then apply it from down to up till you reach the nose, and it is necessary to distribute it on the whole face evenly and it would be better if you apply the foundation on the neck too in order not to have any difference between the colors of the face and the neck.

The powder

Apply the powder and distribute it over the whole face gently by using a special brush .

Apply a lot of it near the area beneath the eye, so it would be possible for you to remove it after applying the eye shadow in order to avoid the eye shadow from being dropped down over the rest of your face.

The eye brows

If you have got beautiful eye brows that do not need to be drown it would be enough to brush them and then apply a special gel over them in order to stabilize them.
But if they would need to be drawn you can use a dark brown eye shadow if you have a darker skin tone whereas in case you are blond you should use the light brown shade while drawing the brows then draw them with the help of a brush, after that brush them and apply the stabilizer gel.

The eyes

Apply eye shadow stabilizer cream over your eye then apply a white eye shadow with light pink reflection under the whole eyebrows

Use a eye shadow brush to apply the eye shadow on the moving eyelid and take care to apply the colors in a contiguous vertical lines from the internal corner of the eye till the external one as for me I prefer the wide lines. First of all, you should apply the light pink color in the internal corner of the eye.
Then apply a darker degree of the pink after that apply a very light mauve then apply the dark blue over it.

Put in your consideration that the color of the eye shadow applied in your eye should appear to be one color with different degrees of the pink color till you reach the dark blue color.

Take a black kohl pencil and draw with it a line beneath your eyes in which it would be attached to the lower eyelashes then match that line with eye shadow by drawing another small line with kohl pencil over the upper eyelid and make sure that the line drawn over the upper eyelid is attached to the lower line drawn then merge them together with the eye shadow by using the brush.
Use the special brush for the lower area of the eye and start to apply the black eye shadow then redraw another line over the same line you have drawn before use a round shape brush to apply the black eye shadow over the external corner of your eye thin apply it over the color that you have applied before till you reach approximately the half the eyelid.
By using a special brush for the area between the upper eyelid and beneath the eyebrows; apply the pink mauve color over that area slightly in which the color must be connected with the colors of the moving eyelid area with the white color which was applied beneath the eyebrows in unnoticeable way.
The colors should not appear to be many so you should blend them in a skillful manner. After that apply the kohl pencil starting from the internal corner of the eye with a very thin line which would gradually become wider till it reaches the end of the external corner and by using a brush mix that line in the external corner with the eye shadow in order not to be distinct but do not rub it over completely just lessen from its intensiveness.
If you have got wide eyes use the black kohl to draw it from inside, but in case your eyes are narrow you should use the white color kohl.
Press the eyelashes with a plastic eyelash Curler and count from 1 to 20 then open it after that apply the mascara and wait till it dries then comb it with the special eyelash comb.

The Blucher

Apply the blusher starting from the cheek bones to the eyebrow and it should be light color blusher while you should use a darker color for the nose area in order to make it appear smaller.

The lips

Line the lips with a beige color to conceal its natural liner ( you can conceal the lips with the concealer in order to make it appear bigger or smaller as per your wish) start to draw the pink color liner pencil then start to color your lips gently in order not to be visible on applying the lipstick.

Color the lips with lipstick and in order to give the lips a larger volume apply some lip-gloss in the middle of the lower lip

That kind of makeup need to be punctual or it would not look beautiful so you have to practice it a lot by applying it over and over again. You can also use different colors such as the golden smoky with brown and also the yellow these color fits all skin colors.

Note that:

If the makeup of the eye is very intensive then the color of the lipstick should be light