Hello, ladies, I came to say that I know your secret! Don’t wonder, I know that you, her, and many others, including me, have a total crush on the stunning actress Mila Kunis’s hair, right?! Honestly, who can resist its charm and beauty?! I guess that there’re only few who can do that. Anyways, let’s forget about them and go on a virtual trip to see how our beloved star has styled her hair since her beginnings till the recent days. Ready to start the action?! Yup?! Then let’s do it! At first, take a glimpse at her lookbook and tell me; could you prevent yourselves from saying “long, long…… long”? No? Okay, that’s expected, but let me tell you that besides wearing the long tresses for so many times, she’s not forgotten to try the medium length ones. That’s the first thing that I thought you need to know. The second and last one that you need to know is that the gorgeous star has proven that she’s a dark hair lover.
You can say that by reaching that far, we’ve passed both of step 1 and 2 of our virtual trip, then what about step 3? Got what I want to say? My precious readers, all I want to say is that we’ve taken a look at what sort of colors and lengths the ‘Black Swan’ starlet has opted for, and nothing’s left except mentioning how she’s worn her hair. So what are we waiting for? Like usual, the combination of “Women and medium long hair” mostly leads us to mention the down dos, right? Definitely! Ladies, you can consider them as the most worn hairstyles by Kunis over the years. For your info, she’s sported different styles of them; straight, curly and wavy, but you can say that the first ones are her most favorites. There’s no need to say that all of her down dos have had sexy, glamorous, and eye catching looks. The next hairstyles that our beloved actress has opted for are the ponytails which have been either low, mid height or side swept. Nope, she’s not been seen wearing a high pony before, at least based on what I know. You need to know that some of her ponytail hairdos have been casual, carefree and stylish, while others have been tidy, elegant and glamorous.
Besides the down dos and ponytails, the gorgeous star has been seen wearing a sweet sideswept braid and half up half down do for once or maybe twice, don’t know exactly how many times. I know that some of you may say; “Okay, she’s tied her hair tresses in ponys, braids, or let them flow down regardless of the way. So what? They might look amazing and gorgeous, but still simple!” Maybe, you’re right, my dear readers, but let me tell you that Mila has also sported other hairstyles, which are more complicated and eye catching than these last mentioned ones. What are they? Mm, they’re the updos! The ‘Friends with Benefits’ starlet has sported diverse styles of them starting from the buns and chignons to the French twist, bobby pinned, and messy updos. All of them are tidy, elegant, glamorous, spectacular……. can anybody stop me?! Okay, okay, I won’t say another word to describe them, but I have one comment concerning the first ones. You need to know that, among these buns, you can find cool and stylish styles that you can wear while you’re running, going to casual places, etc.
Of course, the same words can be said on any of the last mentioned hairstyles starting from the updos to the down dos. Briefly, add Mila Kunis to your “stars whom I love to copycat their ‘dos” list! Starting from now, when you have an occasion to attend, all you have to do is to come here and take a look at the attached pictures, then pick a ‘do and wear it. I can tell that nothing’s more useful than this tip to end our virtual trip with, right? So I have to tell you, our precious followers, goodbyes and wish you a great, amazing look all the time whether you imitate any star or not.