When you take a look at the new released Chanel resort 2013 collection for women, the first sentence that may come across your mind is; “Oh, my God! Marie Antoinette came back into our modern life with a punk, futuristic and sort of crazy fashion style. Where is her well known elegance?!!”. Me myself reacted exactly in the same way when i saw that resort 2013 collection for women. Anyway, Marie Antoinette has been like the main source of inspiration to Karl Lagerfeld during creating that resort 2013 womenswear collection. It seems that by presenting such collection, Lagerfeld is trying to tell the whole world when the vintage, futuristic and punk fashion trends meet in the same point at the same time, don’t expect anything but a parade of items that are full of contradicted and various features; crazy, awkward, dreamy and creative, but girlish, soft, eye catching and elegant!!! There are more words to be said than those, but can you imagine how they are combined together?! I know that you are so curious to know how has Lagerfeld achieved that? what have been the main pieces of that 2013 resort wear? etc. So, allow me to start answering those questions and try to guess the rest.
Like any designer or famous fashion house, Lagerfeld has achieved that by using the right colors and fabrics besides making the right designs. It doesn’t need any smartness to know that, right? Concerning the colors, when you take a look at that 2013 Chanel resort wear for women, you can see that Lagerfeld has depended on using a group of colors that combine between the softness and wildness. The weirdest thing is that Lagerfeld has used the light and soft colors in most of the items presented! So confusing, right?, but you know everything is expected from Karl Lagerfeld, he’s always been creative and artistic. What about the fabrics?! Chanel resort 2013 womenswear collection has been full of diverse fabrics such as; lace, tweed, chambray and tech denim. From those last mentioned fabrics, you can figure out that Lagerfeld combined between the modern fabrics like; chambray, and the vintage fabrics such as; lace. You have to know that some of the used fabrics have been full of prints.
I think nothing’s left except to take a look at some of the presented items by the resort 2013 womenswear collection, isn’t it? One of the most creative and vintage but futuristic items that the resort show has presented is the Pantaloons which are the most vintage French cloth items. Besides the pantaloons, the designer has also presented the cropped, yet ruffled shorts. Also, the collection has presented jackets which come in different lengths, cuts, fabrics and styles as well. For example, the collection has included the gilded jackets and tweed jackets. Of course, Karl Lagerfeld hasn’t forgotten to present the vintage Rococo style silhouettes. There’re more items that Chanel resort 2013 collection for women has presented such as; suits and ensembles. Besides, Lagerfeld hasn’t forgotten to present women’s swimwear which have been very sexy, stylish and eye catching.
Of course, some of those swimwear have been so wild, punk and futuristic, yet with vintage touches. To complete the look and to confirm on the idea, Karl Lagerfeld has matched all the presented items in that collection with different styles of shoes and bags besides accessories. You can say that Karl Lagerfeld has taken care of each tiny detail to keep on the consistency of the Chanel resort 2013 womenswear collection. I think that whether we agreed or not on what the Chanel resort 2013 womenswear collection presented, you can’t deny that it’s so creative and eye catching. Actually, it needs a woman who has enough courage to pick a piece of it and wear it. Thus, if you have that character, what will prevent you from trying a piece or two of that Chanel resort 2013 womenswear collection?!