Unlike most holidays where you have to play it safe (you're not going to show up to Easter mass with a 3D bunny on your thumb), Halloween is made for going all out. After all, the entire purpose of the holiday is to completely transform yourself -- including those 10 digits. 

Skip ahead to see the best Halloween nail art.

You could get decals at Dashing Diva, apply Sally Hansen nail stickers, or -- if you're a DIY kind of gal -- you can create your own spooky mani. Luckily for all you artsy types there are tons of fresh Halloween nail art ideas getting uploaded to Pinterest daily. 

You name it, we've seen it: Monsters, zombies, ghosts, witches, jack-o'-lanterns -- the gang's all there. It's a smorgasbord of classic Halloween characters, miniaturized for your fingertips.

So, if you're tempted to go with your usual pale pink mani this Halloween, we dare you to break out of your Ballet Slippers comfort zone. We've rounded up the best ghoulish (but not grotesque) Halloween nails. Bonus: You don't have to be (or see) a manicure pro to recreate these best Halloween nail ideas of 2012.