Who couldn't use a few hair tips to get healthy hair? We spend a lot of money on different shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products in the hopes that they will restore the health and vitality of our hair.
Foods That Promote Healthy Hair Growth
Start by trimming damaged ends away every four to six weeks until you are left with the newer, healthier growth. In order to have healthier growth you should add these healthy hair foods into your diet each week:
  • Salmon for the hair healthy omega fatty acids, protein, iron, and vitamin B-12.
  • Poultry and eggs for protein.
  • Nuts and beans for protein, iron, zinc, and biotin. Nuts also give hair with alpha-linolenic acid, which gives hair a natural shine.
  • Dark green vegetables for vitamins A and C (help scalp produce oil to condition hair) as well as iron and calcium.
  • Carrots and sweet potatoes for a vitamin A boost to give you a healthy scalp for healthy hair to grow from.
Give Hair TLC
To keep your new growth healthy, handle your hair with care. Use a low or sulfate-free shampoo once a week to remove styling product buildup. Let hair air-dry as often as you can. Limit heat-styling as much as possible. Refrain from chemically processing your hair with dyes, relaxers, thermal straightening systems, and permanent waves. Use a wide-tooth detangling comb to comb hair gently and a vented brush if needed. Wrap hair at night with a silk scarf to prevent friction while you sleep. Do not use any hair care products that contain alcohol.
These healthy hair tips will allow you to grow and keep up healthy hair. Remember to prevent damage as much as possible to support hair health. One last tip is to drink plenty of water to keep every part of your body, including hair and scalp, hydrated.