All women, young girls and even grandmothers love to party; especially on the Halloween holiday when they decorate their houses, dress up their best and gather with family and friends to enjoy funny times. The part concerning women’s accessories is of great importance when a female thinks about such big celebration; and hence, she may choose her nail art wisely to surprise her guests. Some women would love to dress like witches and draw their nails with bats, spiders and ghosts. Some others may like simple bloody art, that’s yet a little scary, as well. Young and teen girls will probably make it funny. You shouldn’t worry about your nails for in our collection today you will find a wide variety of colors and arts. Our topic includes very special ideas in three basic styles for your Halloween party.
The first style represents the witchcraft themes and all bloody colors related to it. You may like long nails in a black and red theme and some makeup traces on your fingers to look like a real witch. In this case you can make the art at home; and you will only need different manicure colors with acrylic nail materials to elongate your nails. The other ideas vary between the tiny scary faces drawn on your long nails. The two types of nail art match with the parties where you display frightful mummies and place such weird witchcraft items or vampire themes.
The second style of nail art is very simple and lovely. It suits the romantic woman and young ladies who like cocktail parties and classic clothes. It depends on drawing small or simple shapes on the nails that usually take one black ground color. In this case you use only one pattern, like a spider web, bat or cat, to draw on your nails above the main color. In this style it is not recommended to draw multiple shapes in order to keep the romantic look. The third style is mostly the funniest. It depends on drawing funny or scary faces on the nails, and you can also use printed stickers of different shapes on each nail after you paint it. This type is loved by young girls and teens, and gives a very colorful appearance.