is something which is backed by overactive sebaceous glands. The incessant secretion of sebum or oil gives the face a constant shine and no amount of powdering can remove the sheen.
Having excess facial oil can be genetic. It could also be caused by hormonal changes in the body during adolescence, puberty, menopause, menstrual periods or pregnancy. Such skin could be the hotbed of the most dreaded four letter word ‘acne’. In the US, almost 85% teenagers have some form of acne.
Specifically one particular male hormone, androgen has a direct hand in triggering the oil secreting glands of the skin. Androgen is also found in women. When due to any hormonal imbalance the levels of androgen increase in the body, skin becomes oilier.

Top 10 skin care tips for oily skin

  1. Frequent washing of face with a mild soap can inhibit oil production leaving the face cleaner and fresh looking. A good oil control face wash would be beneficial. Using a wipe from time to time when washing face is not possible also helps.
  2. Using an astringent solution after cleaning helps to shrink pores and reduce oil secretion.
  3. The third step after cleaning and toning would be moisturizing. An oil free moisturizer is essential to provide the right moisture in this type of skin.
  4. Avoid using cosmetics which contains alcohol. Alcohol tends to make skin very dry.
  5. Choosing the right cosmetics for the skin is essential. Something which does not dry out the skin overtly is necessary.
  6. It would be a good idea to stay away from excessive oily and fatty food. Processed food with high sugar content and preservatives also affects the skin adversely.
  7. Asking the doctor about whether the class of drugs retinoid is suitable for you. These drugs ensure that the glands produce less oil.
  8. Sometimes being on a birth control pill may help control oil production in the facial glands, as it plays a role in monitoring the levels of androgen in the body.
  9. It is very important to remove make up properly especially in

    oily skin

    . Remnants of make up along with dirt and sebum may clog pores and cause acne.
  10. Using a face pack made of fullers earth, rose water, and lemon juice two times a week will make skin achieve a normal texture.