A woman’s fashion hat is an essential accessory every year. Most ordinary ladies hats are for everyday use, pull-on functional and easy to wear hats. They are also small enough to easily accommodate itself in your handbags when not on your head. Your face is the first thing people notice about you and a good hat will intensify their first impression of you because it’s an accessory that is small but gives you a cool and sexy look. Some of these hats are made of wool material for winter time while other are made of cotton material in black, grey, red and orange colors. These hats could be matched with their equivalence of scarves. Scarves are found in different materials like cotton, silk and cashmere materials which help women wrapping their scarves in the way they desire. These scarves come in either plain designs or printed ones. When choosing your favorite scarves make sure that they match your chosen hats in terms of colors and materials.