Can you deny that you would kill for Jennifer Lawrence’s long hair locks?! Dear readers, let’s be honest and admit that most of us would do such a thing! Actually, tell me who can resist their charming and sexy look? The answer is nobody! That’s why I decided to present a lookbook of all the hairstyles worn by her since 2012 has started till the recent days. So let’s open it and see what it contains, my dear ladies! The down dos are among the most heavily worn ‘dos by our gorgeous star this year. She’s worn different styles of them starting from the super sleek, straight and soft, wavy to the loose curls, and all of them have had the same sultry and spectacular look.
The next hairstyles that you can see the “The Hunger Games” starlet wearing in 2012 are the ponytails. You need to know that she’s sported various styles of them; low, high, mid height and side swept. Some of them have had that so elegant and tidy look while others have been casual and sort of carefree, but the common thing between all of them is that they’ve been alluring. Also, Jennifer has opted for sporting the hairstyles that we like to call the in-between the ponytails and down dos. Do you know which ones we’re talking about? Yup, they are definitely the half up-half down dos. She’s worn soft and charming styles of them for a couple of times or maybe more during the year.
Till now, we’ve known that the actress’s lookbook contains different styles of flowing locks, ponys and half updos. Can you guess which hairstyles else are included in it? Okay, let me try to make it easier by asking the following question; do you think that it contains braids and buns, or, generally speaking, updos?! Ladies, stop predicting as I’m going to answer! Simply, today’s lookbook contains all of the last mentioned hairdos. Yes, Lawrence has worn them all! Starting with the buns, you need to know that mostly we’ve seen her wearing them in casual places, which means that they have had that carefree and fashionable look.
What about the other ones, I mean the updos and braids? Concerning the first ones, I have to tell you that she’s opted for wearing amazing, stunning, sexy, heartbreakingly beautiful…. would you please stop me?!! Truly, I love them! Sorry I forgot to tell you that the French twist, braided, and bobby pinned updos are the styles that she’s opted for this year. On the other side, concerning the latter ones, I have to tell you that we’ve seen her wearing a gorgeous and cute sideswept classic braid only once. Ladies, I can tell you that we’ve reached the closure page of Lawrence’s lookbook.
Before telling you goodbyes, would you do me a favor? Yes? Okay, would you please take a look at the attached pictures below and tell me what you notice? You notice that the star’s hair is dark brunette in some of them while it’s blonde in the rest of them, right? Let me tell you that these color transformations are because of her role in the “The Hunger Games” sequel and not just for fun or something. Now, nothing’s left for me to say except the famous piece of advice which is to keep your face shape and hair nature into your considerations while copycatting any of the last presented hairdos. Do that and let your sexy look catch all the eyes!