The most popular accessory for men is definitely bags. Men usually wear them because they are convenient and helpful to carry their belongings; however, nowadays a lot of men wear bags as a means of styling their outfits. Check out the latest Giorgio Armani bags collection for men this season; it is truly amazing and in this collection you’ll find tons of bags that are all great! When it comes to styles, the two most popular styles of bags that you can find are Giorgio Armani messenger bags and briefcases. Messenger bags are those bigger in size and more comfortable to be worn. Giorgio Armani messenger bags are characterized by their adjustable shoulder straps, internal zip pockets, magnetic closures, external pockets, and logo details. These bags are mainly made of calfskin leather and polyester. However, you can find them in a wide array of colors such as black, brown, olive, etc. On the other hand, Giorgio Armani briefcases for men have thick leather handles on top of the bag, optional shoulder straps, internal zip pockets, and of course external pockets. You can find an amazing Giorgio Armani briefcase in this collection which is made of lead grey textured leather with an amazing Giorgio Armani logo embossed on the front of the bag.