If you want to wear a long sleeve blouse or a short sleeve blouse, jut make sure that the material is thick enough so you can put it under your blazer. So first I'm going to show you this basic black blouse.you can wear this with again pants or a skirt as well. And if want to make it more conservative you can put your blazer over it, if not, you can wear that alone because this has long enough sleeves where your not showing something you know to the office.
So I love this. That looks beautiful on you, because it just brings out your skin. Now if you're going for colors like this, I suggest pastel, like pinks, light greens, light blues. If you want darker, you can go with the black side and go with the grays as well. But whatever you do, buy a couple of blouses also, you can havebuttons down the front, you can have collared, you can do whatever you want. But just make sure that you have a couple of blouses, and a couple of camis with the blazers.The balance between blouses looking attractive and being ill fitting along with choosing the proper print style can be tricky for the larger woman. Material plays an important part in slenderizing decisions too. Not only is the fabric to be considered, but choosing between a print and solid color should be thought about as well. Look at the areas of the upper torso that you would like to accentuate or minimize. If the main focus on the upper body to diminish or conceal a bit, are the arms, selecting a 3/4 sleeve, long or mid forearm length can accomplish that goal
Another possible reason is so men can easily undo blouses as, from the front, buttons are on the same side as a man's shirt. One other theory is that women were normally dressed by their maids, while men dressed themselves. As such, women's blouses were designed so it could be easily buttoned by the maid but that of men were designed so it could be easily buttoned by the person wearing it.
Although in all the cases proposed the reasons for the distinction no longer exist, it continues out of custom or tradition.
While most women prefer to have the top button open for better comfort, some blouses made for women have looser necklines so the top button can be fastened without compromising comfort, but giving the same stylish appearance.
Some women attach various pins and ornaments to their blouses over a fastened top button for style. Some of these attach directly to the button itself, others to the collars.