A weaving hair extension hair is woven into existing natural hair. It is a popular method of hair especially among African American women, because it is an easy and effective to try a different look without having to use chemicals and damaged hair.
For Tyra Banks, and other African American women, hair weaves are a way to try a hairstyle right, without the adverse effects of relaxation and other harsh chemicals. Tyra also claims that it has begun to wear armor in an attempt to avoid damaging her natural hair (thanks to continuous changes of style) when she was a model. For a humorous look at the hair weaves role in the Afro-American to take a look at the new film by Chris Rock: Good Hair.
The first thing you must think if you plan to weave hair is the type of armor in other words, you get synthetic or natural? synthetic weaves are good for braided hair styles, but they do not have the same fluid volume as natural hair. synthetic weaves may seem a little fake and soft and some people find that they irritate the skin and a little more clutter. relaxers should not be used on synthetic hair is. In the video below of the Tyra show that you can see first hand how synthetic weaves absence of body and bounce natural hair.
There are several methods of adding hair for a weave on natural hair, and they each have their advantages and disadvantages. Paste is glue the tracks to your hair roots and it only lasts a few weeks. Some people have allergic reactions to glue, however, and damage can sometimes be done to remove the armor. Monitoring involves braiding natural hair by sewing the braids, and then attaching the extension of the braids. This method takes a little longer: up to two months. Fusion is the method most flexible and realistic. The extensions are glued to a hair. It seems natural and you can style your hair as if it were natural, but it’s expensive. The compensation is to add the hair weaves onto a surface permeable to air-like net that is above your hair braided. This method is very versatile and can last up to three months.
An armor fast, as its name suggests, is a faster way to get a similar effect as the above methods. Instead of braiding the natural hair is flat and smooth with gel and then weaves the hair is attached to the surface. When hair is dry slopes are applied with an adhesive, and after the glue has one cap as usual. Talk to your hairdresser weave a fast (and make sure they did a before too).