A diamond jewllery with Ideal/Excellent cut grade proportions will return the maximum amount of light to the viewer's eye, the diamond jewllery will appear more brilliant and beautiful as a result. Blue Nile recommends selecting the highest cut grade possible within your budget in order to maximize the brilliance of your diamond jewllery. A well-cut diamond jewllery will display brilliance throughout. By contrast, dark areas where light is not optimally returned to the viewer's eye. Blue Nile Signature Ideal cuta por glassy and may have diamond jewllery are ideal cut diamonds in the strictest sense of the word and conform to the most rigid cut grading standards within the Ideal cut grade parameters.diamond jewllery shapes that reflect more light, such as round brilliant or princess, can mask some color in a diamond jewllery. Therefore, you can maximize the color in a diamond by choosing a shape that has more facets.A diamond jewllery that has been crafted to achieve maximum cut oorly cut diamond will appear dullprecision will have significantly greater brilliance, fire, and scintillation than a poorly cut diamond which will appear completely dull and lifeless to the eye.Light is constantly entering into the diamond jewllery through the table, which is it's largest facet and the surrounding crown. Once inside, the light will travel within the stone by way of reflectingoff of the round brilliant diamond's facets which if aligned and positioned correctly act as mirrors. In a perfectly cut diamond jewllery the light will then refract and exit back out through the table to the eye. A perfectly cut diamond jewllery is therefore going to display incredible light performance in any lighting environment.Buying a diamond jewllery is one of the most important decisions in your life, so make sure you put lots of thought into the purchase and protect yourself using your diamond jewllery knowledge, independent appraisal andconsumer organizations. Purchase your diamond jewllery the right way and you and your loved one will enjoy the diamond for many years to come.Deep Cut This diamond jewllery will appear smaller than it weighs because it's weight is retained in the depth. It is cut with a deep pavilion (bottom of the diamond) that does not reflect light back through the crown (top of the diamond). Light leaks out the pavilion producing a dark appearing diamond that lacks beauty. These diamond jewllery are sometimes called nail heads due to their dark, face-up appearance. The most prized diamonds are colorless diamond jewllery, because their beauty depends entirely upon their remarkable optical properties. In such diamond jewllery, all the colors of the rainbow are reflected back to your eye. While the majority of gem diamonds appear to be colorless, others can contain increasing shades of yellow to brown, some of which are referred to as champagne diamonds. Other diamond jewllery of exceptional color--red, blue, green, pink, and amber--are known as "Fancies."