Titanium-Jewelry.com recognizes the demand from consumers for more modern, urban and contemporary jewelry designs for men. As noted at the JKC show in Las Vegas last week, mens jewelry is expanding to include new styles and designers offering consumers even more selections in sophisticated yet urban pieces.Jewelry designs featuring stainless steel, black diamonds, titanium and tungsten continually grow in demand among younger men and men of all ages who have more urban tastes. Titanium-jewelry.com provides mens wedding bands and jewelry constructed from the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques, while keeping its focus on the trends and up and coming styles in jewelry.Titanium-Jewelry.com recognizes the demand from consumers for more modern, urban and contemporary jewelry designs. Items such as the Triton® HALCYON bracelet which boasts twin rows of 50 lustrous black diamonds complemented with a heavy 10mm width bracelet; titanium rings with black diamonds; and the Clarion Black Diamond Dog Tag Necklace have been leading sales in recent months.JKC keynote speaker, Russell Simmons discussed his new line Simmons Jewelry which he developed to help raise awareness for the Diamond Empowerment Fund. Likewise, many of the pieces in Simmons Jewelry line feature stainless steel with diamonds. Black diamonds which became popular in the early 1990's have seen a renewed interest from celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike. First discovered back in 1840 in Brazil, black diamonds are primarily found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. The revived trend for black diamonds has influenced contemporary and urban jewelry designs offering cool, sleek and sophisticated styles for young men."We've continuously widened our inventory to meet the demands of consumers by providing the latest trends and designs," stated Ron Yates founder of Titanium-Jewelry.com. "The mens jewelry market is benefitting from the evolution of materials, styles and global influences in designs. As celebrities such as Russell Simmons, Seal and Kanye West expand their musical talents to the world of jewelry designs, the styles and materials used offer a whole new flavor in mens jewelry while shedding light on important global causes," Yates concluded.