With every season come the issues of organizing clothes and deciding on new business and casual attire. On-line fashion sites, magazines, and fashion on TV are a good start, but runway shows give the latest fashion tips.
This is one of the reasons women, and a few men, recently attended a fashion show, benefitting Dress for Success, at the tented runway set at Oakridge mall. The stylish evening was hosted by Flare magazine’s Fashion Director Elizabeth Cabral, and Oakridge’s Style Coach Jessie Carlson. A Canadian fashion authority, Cabral has dressed Alicia Keys, Fergie, and Taylor Swift. It was a timely event to get inspired as the movie Sex in the City hits the big screen with outfits proving that fashion is fun.
1. Tribal Fashion and the Exotic Traveller
Tunics are in for a safari look of earthy-tone fabrics with exotic prints, lacing, and ethnic jewellery. The first outfit featured was a Michael Kors drawstring-waist silk tunic with matching harem pants. High-heel platform stilettos matched an embossed python handbag.
The tip is the forgiving tunic that falls over the hips for a flattering look. Trade the stilettos for gladiator sandals during vacation travel, and embrace one of many versions of harem pants fitting any figure.
2. Scuba Chic from Oceanic Inspiration
The body-hugging outfits offer the functionality of the neoprene material of scuba diving suits. For the forward fashion lover, scuba is assertive with its squared shoulders and bright colors.