Most women own more than one purse. A single cotton handbag would not be suitable for every occasion or coordinate with every dress. Thus we find different cotton handbag styles to suit different occasions and needs. One such style is barrel bag. The barrel bag is so called because it has a cylindrical shape resembling that of a barrel lying sideways! in other,it has more space horizontally than vertically. These bags usually have thin, long straps. Barrel shaped clutches are a variation of the barrel bag.Since most women always keep their eyes on hot styles and designs of cotton handbags, they became more focused on following these latest fashion trends without considering
A cotton mesh-style knit shopping bag makes ideal replacement for wasteful paper and plastic bags. The cotton is hardwearing and washable so it can be used repeatedly. It stretches to hold a large volume of shopping, is strong enough to carry heavy items and yet it is lightweight.Use of Cotton Bags for Life has increased in recent years due to their positive influence on environment in terms of lowering waste . Many responsible shoppers are now using re-usable cotton bags for their shopping and large stores actively sell them over the counter in a bid to reduce the number of carrier bags given to customers. Plain bags are normally sold for
their nominal sum, but if you want to standout from the crowd, bags with design could fetch considerably more. Another option which is much cheaper and more special is to design your very own bag for life, using your very own creative skills andyour home printer. Let's get to work. Choose good quality well made cotton bags. I know they are more expensive but a good bag should last for many years.Consider a cotton bag made with eco friendly fabrics. Choosing a reusable shopping bag is a very green thing all by itself.Make sure the cotton bags you choose fold down small and are easy to stash. A more structured bag will not fold down as small as a bag made from soft fabrics. This may or may not be a problem for you. If you are intending to carry your cotton bags around with you may want something that will fold up as small as possible and take up as little room as possible in your handbag.