A majority of corporate women do not at all like their hair to come in front of their eyes and on the face. However, a few of the stylish ones may prefer their hair to sweep across their face. For a good office short haircut for women, a 'side parted and tapered nape' is a simple option. In this hairdo, the hair is cut till the chin level, the volume on the nape and sides is reduced, and a few bangs are set till the eye level. You can say that this is an easy to do haircut to obtain that corporate look.

If you want to add a bit of style to your hair, you can do so by wearing a textured layered haircut. It is a variation of a bob hairstyle, wherein the hair at the tips are clipped to give a textured layered look throughout. A pixie haircut is another good choice in trendy short haircuts. It is a hairdo that is associated with ones that need the least time to style and are also easy to make. You can even wear prominent side-sweeping fringes in a pixie haircut. However, pixie haircuts are usually worn by women in their 40s and 50s.