Fashion now has smudged boundaries and it seems everyone is experimenting with all kinds of colours and trends.YOU! takes a look...
The dizzying pace at which fashion keeps on changing everywhere is a feat in itself in the fashion world. It is so difficult to keep up with the rapidly changing scene especially those of us who are not so fashion savvy. We should be grateful to our designers who keep the basics of fashion consistent. Thanks to the boldness in fashion now, we have experimented with all kinds of patterns - short shirts with jeans, kurtis, capri pants, sleeveless, bell sleeves - the works worn by everyone.
Fashion now has smudged boundaries and it seems everyone is experimenting with everything in the fashion world. This has created comfortable fashion, allowing for many to design their own style without worrying about being 'in' and 'out' of the latest fashion. This is not only easy on the wallet but also on the mind, relieving most of us from fretting before every occasion.Colour is the most important aspect of fashion everywhere especially in Pakistan, mainly because we just love to experiment with bold or pastel colours. And most of the times we opt for hues that do not complement our complexion and weather. We do not consider that whatever looks good on a catwalk model may not be meant for us at all. This is where our designers play a vital role and they need to carefully select shades that can be worn by a large section of the society, so that a fashion catastrophe does not occur. A basic spectrum of a particular colour should be selected per season, so that everyone can wear the 'season's in colour'.
The second most important thing in our fashion world is embroidery. It is never out-dated, and can be used again and again to give a statement to the outfit. Since we are blessed with a variety of patterns - cultural and regional - coupled with a huge variety of material to be used and a thousands of stitches to choose from, our outfits end up to be quite unique and eye catching. These save most of our outfits from looking the same, giving a large choice to the consumer to pick and choose. The embroidery can range from a full body pattern to small strategically placed motifs - and everything is acceptable.
Due to our changing weather, we have a variety of material to choose from. Basically, lawn or chiffon is
the material to wear in the hot weather we have most of the year. But we have the novelty of selecting other material during the different seasons.
Talking about the make-up we also observe that it is changing with every season. Now that winters are almost over the make-up is also becoming subtle and natural. The warm and bold colours of winter are now being replaced by hues of peach and pink. The main focus is mostly on eyes and lips. The rule still applies - if the eyes are smoky, the lips should be kept natural/nude and if the eyes are kept light then a bright shade on the lips will look perfect.
Coming back to the outfits we have special material for different festivals and occasions, ranging from plain to heavy clothes, embroidered with stones and beads, in a variety of colour. This helps us to delve according to our pleasure, and not be stuck with wearing a material that we can't carry. Even the make-up should be according to the special occasion or event that you are attending.
And inline with the loud taste that most of us have in Pakistan, we tend to opt for vibrant colours thereby lending the regal touch to most of our fancy wear. Then our habit of mix and match of materials, designs and colours help us in making exclusive outfits every time giving our designers a huge palette to work with.
Our outfits allow us to play with our beautiful assortment of jewellery which ranges from the modern to the traditional giving each of us a signature persona and style.