Pakistan is inn in global new due to war against terror and there is terror among the people related to Pakistan that it is a country of violent and aggressive people. Pakistan fashion industry is trying to show real Pakistani image around the globe. It’s a Paris-Peshawar mix. The second Pakistan Fashion Week that opened in Karachi on Monday seemed to defy the general perception of PakisModels baring shoulders and navels, sashayed down the ramp in tantalizing togas, embroidered cocktail dresses, flowing georgette kurtas and in the words of a Facebook critic ‘sexy kaftans’, to showcase works by 52 designers.Umar Sayeed, one of Pakistan’s top designers whose show will close the Fashion Week. Said that this time, my collection will be dark, and very gothic. Notwithstanding its reputation as a city on the edge, Karachi is a typical cosmopolitan metropolis with a bustling fashion scene. Though largely conservative, the street wear is getting provocative. “A dupatta is no longer necessary. Girls are seen in hipster jeans, society ladies wear strapless dresses,” says Mohsin Sayyed, a Karachi-based fashion critic.“Lahore women are more fashionable than those in Karachi,” says Ahmed Haroon Khan, a Lahore-based designer, they emphasize more on hair and make up.tan being a conservative society.