n trendy short hair cuts for men, a short shag makes its place to the top. This hairdo looks good on men as well as women who want to look voguish. You can just make a short shag with your hands and a bit of hair gel. A short Mohawk hairstyle is also popularly known to be among the 'trendy short haircuts' category. To make a short Mohawk, cut the hair on the sides and style the hair on the top in the upward direction using a good quality hair gel.

If you do not want to cut the hair on the sides, you can always opt for a faux hawk which is a Mohawk made simply without cutting the hair. A simple spike cut can also look trendy. If you have straight and fine hair, you can make a short hairstyle by setting the side hair down in a way so that it covers the ears, and the top hair comes in as asymmetrical bangs over the eyes, with the rest of the hair being relaxed on the crown. This hairdo is mostly chosen by Chinese and Japanese punk boys.