I have always been a great believer
in the power (and the pleasure)
of wearing really fabulous lingerie.

Panties By Post

Regardless of what you are wearing on top,
there is nothing quite like wearing something
entirely gorgeous next to your nether-regions.

In fact, they say that the secret to French women's confidence
is all about what they have on underneath.

So, just in time for Valentine's day,
and entirely inspired by what the mailman just delivered
(oooh! la la!!)
I want you to know about a fabulous service called

Blush Lingerie at Panties By Post

Panties by Post is a subscription that delivers
delectable french undies to you each month.
You fill out an online profile with your size and
your predilection, and they mail you
undies that you will adore, each and every month.

The styles and selections to choose from are delicious.
Your bottom will love you forever.
It's fabulous.

Panties By Post

 A subscription to Panties By Post
makes a wonderful Valentines Day gift.
And its a gift for two, that just keeps on giving
because trust me - your man is going to love
watching you strut your stuff 
(or shake it!) in your new panties each month!

check them out at www.pantiesbypost.com