Natural organic hair colour, organic eco chemical free hair salon. Ammonia free hair dye, bleach and toxic ingredient glossary. As a dedicated organic entrepreneur and professional hairdresser I have begun a hunt that on some days just feel hopeless. The chemicals in use in most salons today are well known carcinogens and many hairdressers are risking their health at work. Well known effects are asthma, allergies and even birth defects in babies as well as an increased risk of developing cancer, in particular bladder cancer.

There are organic hair salons that uses herbs to mix up their own colors which is the most earth friendly way to go as it is almost completely chemical free. However, the shades and treatments are limited and this method does not always meet todays salon standards and the needs of the customers. Below I have listed some brands that produces ammonia free hair color, some more natural and ecological than others. No matter what you choose I strongly suggest that you start questioning the quality and ingredients of the hair care products you use on a daily basis and the content of color. Statistics show that hairdressers and people who frequently dye their hair are more likely to develop cancer and other diseases linked to excessive chemical exposure.