International Travel Tips – Essential Items To Have In Your Cabin Bag.

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With the first ever Corinna B’s World Glam Italia Tour getting ready to take flight,  (well, it’s a month away, but will be here in no time at all) I’m making lists for the ladies of things they need to pack.
They’ve never traveled internationally before, or to a country that functions in a different currency and a different language. Maybe you have, or maybe you haven’t, either way here is a mini check list of essential items to have in your cabin baggage.

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1.    An International Power Adaptor
You can pick these up super cheaply now – I think they’re only around $10. I have one in my regular luggage as well as one that goes on board with me.
You never know when you will have unexpected delays in airports, be rerouted to a country you hadn’t planned on, or maybe your luggage takes a different route than you do, but with a power adaptor that can be adapted to different countries you can at least charge your phone while you are waiting.
2.    A Car Charger For Your Phone, iPad, Laptop
Last year I forgot to pack a car charger for my phone. It’s a small thing, but comes in super handy. You may not have access to a regular power point in the airport – others maybe charging their phones too. Even if you’re not driving, the person who is driving you, be it a cab, an airport shuttle, a business driver or a friend, can let you plug in and poer up. 
Having the option to get some juice into your phone before you hit your final destination can be a God send.

3.    Local Currency In Small Denominations
Always have cash on hand in the currency of the country you are flying to, and have it in small denominations. You can’t rely on there being a cash machine at the airport. Maybe it’s not working, maybe there is a line around the corner, maybe it eats your card, maybe it won’t read your card – there are so many things that can happen that get in the way of your first plan for getting cash.
Also having small denominations is essential. Not everywhere is going to be willing to break your paper money or larger denominations.
I once got refused buying a bottle of water because I only had a 5 euro note and the shopkeeper wasn’t willing to blow out all her change. Since then I always have coins for currencies that have higher value paper money. Some countries start their paper money at the $5/5 euro mark.

4.    Photocopy Of Your Passport Main Page
Things happen. Maybe you left your passport somewhere or maybe it got stolen. Either way if you don’t have it you can have a major problem. Having a hardcopy photocopy of your passport can be a huge help, both with your embassy, and with airport authorities.
Keep it somewhere separate from the rest of your travel documents, so that if your handbag is stolen or your wallet is stolen you still have your passport details.
Don’t rely on having the image on your smart phone. You may not be able to power it up, you may not have any internet service or wifi where you are. A hardcopy is always a good thing to have.
(While you are at it photocopy your credit cards/bank cards too. If you lose one or have it stolen it’s another fast way to resolve the problem)

5.    Pack A Small Bag For Inflight Needs
Before I put my cabin baggage into the overhead bin I get out everything I need during the flight and slip it into a smaller bag or a plastic bag. Books, headphones, beauty bag etc). Once that cabin bag is in the overhead bin you shouldn’t get it back out until the flight has landed.

6.    A Beauty Bag
You need skincare and makeup products, plus a couple of hair essentials, toothbrush etc both so that you can take care of your skin and  pretty on up before you land, and also because your main luggage may not make it to where you are going, or not get there at the same time as you.
If your luggage doesn’t arrive with you, you need to be able to clean up, brush your teeth and feel good until either it gets there or you can buy the replacement products you need.

7.    Clean Undies And A Change Of Clothes
As with #6, if your luggage doesn’t arrive with you it’s nice to be able to change into something clean. Especially when traveling internationally you tend to have a lot of hours between leaving your house and arriving at the new destination. The thought of spending yet another day in the same clothes is awful.

(One of my friends once got puked on by the child sitting next to her – I always want to have something to change in to if something like that were to happen to me!)

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