Henna Powder  Indian Henna

There are so many different types of henna powders out there. How do you choose?

Henna is exported from several countries. The most popular henna's come from Morocco, Yemen, India, Pakistan and Iran. Sometimes a shop might carry several types of henna powders. You might wonder do different henna powders give different color results? The answer is no, as henna always dyes only reddish tones(if there is a claim of other color results then the henna is not pure).
Different henna powders have different textures and dye release times that play a role in which henna to choose.
For great color the following factors must be met when choosing your henna powder:
-Freshness. It must be very fresh.
-Body Art Quality. This means that the henna leaves harvested for this quality, are the best of the plant (top leaves with most dye content). 
-Finely sifted. No one wants sticks and sand in their hair. It is just too much trouble to wash out.
Here is a brief description on each henna powder we currently import.
Jamila Henna Powder
Jamila henna powder has the longest dye release. To prepare for your hair, after mixing it (please view our henna for hair guide), you will allow this to sit for 12 hours. Then you will apply it to your hair. It originates from Pakistan.
Yemeni Henna Powder
Yemeni henna powder after being mixed, needs to sit from 8-12 hours before hair application. It originates from Sana'a, Yemen.
Moroccan Henna Powder
Moroccan henna powder has the quickest dye release. After being mixed, it only needs to sit for 1-3 hours before hair application. It originates from the Western Sahara of Morocco.
Indian Henna Powder
Indian henna powder after being mixed, needs to sit for 2-4 hours before hair application. It originated from Rajasthan, India.
Personally I do happen to have a preference for using moroccan henna powder for hair and nails because the dye release is so quick. It gives great color! I can just mix and apply.
Indian henna powder is also a very popular choice amongst clients.
New Note (added June 3, 2007): Indian henna powder is becoming ever so popular. Our clients use this one the most. If you want really rich reddish tones in your hair, indian henna is a must. I begun using this henna powder now for at least the past year. If you do prefer to bring out more subtle red tones, moroccan henna is the choice, and also good for mixing along with indigo to create browner tones, and not so red.
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