Party Wear Women Dresses by Naureen Arbab 1 Party Wear Women Dresses by Naureen Arbab
Emerging fashion Naureen Arbab recently brought the latest and stylish party wear dresses 2013-14 for ladies and girls. Naureen Arbab is new, but the most famous and renowned designer of women’s fashion. Naureen belongs Pakistani fashion industry and entered into clothing design industry in the eyes 2008.Graceful with modern fashion unique designs are specialized by Naureen Arbab she puts into her clothes. Dress light green color is contrasted with the golden color and a metal pin on the front. Orange dress is the same design and the metal pin is also present. Yellow shirt is also printed and embroidered things on gala and embroidery in the center of the shirt.
White shirt has multicolored embroidery on it. Teenage girls are the main target of his to attract with the latest designs and trends. Naureen clothing is also admired by Pakistani women living in the UK, USA, Dubai, Canada and Australia, etc. The collection of dresses that we offer in this article is named as “part of women wear dresses Naureen Arbab.” Naureen ARBAB projected these dresses for our teenagers.
This dress has slight green embroidery on the front. White coat is a thing of chicken and has buttons on its gala in style kurta. He motivates red color on it as well. It covers the half of the jacket. All gala is designed by her. Dress purple color is excellent. His embroidery side mustard color and has design on the back in the square style. Lets see the picture gallery of the Party Wear Women Dresses by Naureen Arbab…