... and on the 8th day God created
luscious, curvy, sexy reds
and made Christina Hendricks their queen...
Christina Hendricks, Flare Magazine

(The devil responded by creating Dina Lohan and sending her out to ruin the reds,
but she only managed to destroy one skinny one before fame-whoring her way 
to Dr Phil and the Today show. But that's a whole different story)

The May 2013 issue of Canada's Flare Magazine
has a super charged shoot by photographer Max Abadian
deliciously styled by Lawren Sample,
showcasing the magnificence of Christina Hendricks
in full sex-bomb mode.

Spin class be damned.

Christina Hendricks Flare magazine

Christina Hendricks Flare Magazine

Christina Hendricks Flare Magazine

Christina Hendricks Cover Flare Magazine