Here we contains the latest of Girls Jewellary along with some other stuff related to fashion of Indian and Paksitani girlsPakistani Gold Industry thrives due to its culture, nothing less than 22-Carat is acceptable! Extensive jewellery is bought for the bride as gifts (dowry.) Most of the designs depict the delicate designs of the Muslim heritage. Both religiously and traditionally, Gold is exclusively for feminine use. Jhumar, tikka, payal, Kara are local ornaments and have special meanings in different occasions. As far as hand craftsmanship, this industry creates masterpieces. Along with everything else, this industry is going through a revolutionary change. Latest tools are available and above all, Diamond craftsmanship is building.
Deciding on the right piece of jewellary doesn’t come easy. The design has to be taken care of. But more than that, your wedding set is also an investment of a lifetime. We give you a few tips. Remember them while you choose your ornaments for that big event.
Old, solid gold ornaments are sometimes filled with shellac. If you are going for the traditional look, take special care to determine the weight of the shellac.
Talking of heritage and the old gold stuff, remember that the finest minakari works are done on pure gold. On carat gold, the colours will never be as brilliant.
That's one of the reasons why 17th century minakari works are the best, while the 18th century stuff fall a shade behind. As for what's being crafted now, you won’t need the eyes of a connoisseur to understand the difference. Minakari works also involve shellac.
The redder the look, the lesser the shellac content. An old minakari creation should have 5/8th of its total weight in gold, while a recent creation may have it as low as ¼ of its total weight.
The best indicators to imperfections in diamonds are tiny rents or fissures and specks. But a real diamond will never have scratches on its surface. In this context, also remember that genuine kundan-set crystals have a mellow, opaque appearance.
If your crystals look transparent with a lot of glitter, they might be glass, with coloured tin foil under them.These are basic tips. What’s important is purity.
Remember that you might look gorgeous with as little as the ear-rings, the straight chain and slim bangles, if they are of the pure yellow-metal. But flaunting the false stuff will never fetch you that glamour – no matter how much of jewelry you have put on.