You’ve got plenty of sneakers, pumps, and flats in your wardrobe but you’re itching to buy something new. Sound familiar? Well before you head out and shop till you drop, check out a few of our favorite new shoe styles.
1. Cropped Leather Booties are the new black boots. Put your knee-high leather numbers in the back of the closet! This season is all about short and sweet ankle booties. Once a staple of ‘80s club kids, the sleek little shoes return to give a dose of street-inspired edge to any outfit. Zippered versions go best with the season’s other ‘80s essentials, fitted mini-skirts and leather bomber jackets.

2. Eco-conscious styles are the new splurge for shoe fanatics. You’ve got loads of Louboutins and mountains of Manolos, which means it’s time to get into the vegan-shoe game. Stella McCartney kicked off the trend for eco-conscious footwear several seasons ago, but her latest collection ups the ante on leather-free style. Meanwhile, for every Tom’s shoe purchased, the US label donates a pair to a child in need. The season’s glittery slip-ons are sure to turn heads and warm hearts.
3. High-heeled gladiators are the new gladiator sandals. A staple of Mediterranean-bound travelers for years, the leather gladiator gets an uplift this season—literally. When paired with a chunky wedge heel the classic footwear becomes tres trendy—just ask Mary-Kate Olsen, who has been known to sport Balenciaga’s style from time to time.
4. Bright patent heels are the new black pump. True trendsetters know that a little punch of color is all you need to turn any outfit into an up-to-date ensemble. The easiest way to incorporate color into your wardrobe is with a few vivid accessories. Skip over your basic (boring) black pumps and opt for a more colorful pair instead. The style works best for those who have strict dress codes at the office. Fortunately for us, rare is the employee handbook that has rules on rainbow-colored heels.
5. Jazz shoes are the new ballet flat. Cute ballerinas are all well and good (especially when Chanel and Tory Burch make so many tempting versions) but the cool kids have traded in their slip-ons for lace-up leather jazz shoes. Comfortable and lightweight—just like the real dance styles—designer versions come in cheery colors, sleek leathers, and a dose of downtown flair. Wear yours with light wash jeans, neon bracelets, and a simple white tee to achieve the complete, hipper-than-thou look.

6. Ankle-strap wedges are the new platforms. Lady-like and fashion-forward at once, designers’ ankle-wrap wedges serve as one of the most versatile styles around. Even better than that, the ankle strap keeps shoes firmly on your feet—even when you’re kicking up your heels on the dance floor. To keep in the spirit of the ‘70s inspired shoe, try wearing with a wrap dress to channel a disco queen’s style.
7. Sock-like booties are the new comfort shoe. We’ve all had days were dressing up stylishly seems like an uncomfortable chore. (Wedging feet in pointy-toed heels! Cinching one’s self into barely-there belts! It can be like medieval torture sometimes!) Fortunately Marc Jacobs and similarly thoughtful designers have whipped up trompe l’oeil booties that look like pumps worn with socks. Slip them on and try imagining yourself at home, in socks and pjs. What could be more wonderful?
8. Tony slippers are the new driving loafer. Ladies of leisure need their go-to footwear, but lately driving loafers have seemed a bit passé—especially when compared to these plush flats. Covered in boudoir-worthy velvet and finished off with regal crests, the tony slippers seem work with the season’s neo-prep styles, a look which appeals to both uptown and downtown tastes.
9. Nude heels are the new bridesmaid shoe. Be the nice bride you want everyone to remember you as being: If you’re making your adoring bridesmaids all buy matching shoes, at least make them 1) in fashion 2) flattering 3) something they’ll actually want wear again! Designers’ nude patent heels satisfy all these qualifications and then some. Skip the dye-to-match satin heels and opt for sleek patent in taupe, tan, and beige hues—any of which tend to elongate the leg. Your bridal party will love you, love what they’re wearing, and will think you one very chic bride indeed.
10. Bright rubber rain boots are the new Uggs. While shearling-lined boots suit the slopes, cheery rain boots work well in more cosmopolitan climates. In a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes the classic style pairs well with tights, a-line skirts, and dark skinny jeans.