Back in the heyday of whaling, sperm whale oil was a beauty secret for skin. But even if whaling were legal now, who would want to cause harm to those magnificent whales? Here is a beautiful plant-based natural material that studies show has the identical properties of sperm oil, all to help the skin become more elastic. It is similar to the skin’s natural oils so skin responds very well to its use, whether your complexion is dry or oily. With this one simple oil you can clean, moisturize and nourish your skin, as well as restore some of its youthful health:
The beauty secret is jojoba oil! The oil from the seeds of this shrub is actually a liquid wax that never goes rancid. Found in the southwestern part of the U.S., as well as Argentina, Australia, Chile, Egypt, Israel, Mexico and Peru, jojoba oil is a gem for your skin. It is non-greasy.
Buy 100 percent pure jojoba and use it on your skin in abundance (meaning all day long whenever you think of it, although a little goes a long way when you put it on your skin), and for any skin problem from burns to scars to simple moisturizing. It tends not to aggravate sensitive skin problems such as rosacea. Wipe off any excess with cotton balls; you’ll be surprised what a natural cleanser the oil is! It actually helps acne because it is antibacterial.
Found in health food stores, jojoba is easily available.

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